Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club is a Men’s & Women’s Membership Golf Club. Our home golf course is Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course located adjacent to the Sacramento River along Highway 160. Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course was established in July of 1995. The course is owned by the City of Sacramento and is operated by Morton Golf. The links flavored golf course was designed by Golf Course Architect Perry Dye. The par 71 course measures 6158 yards, with a slope of 122 and is rated at 68.9 from the Gold Tees. The course is rich with lakes, wildlife, rolling mounds and outstanding greens. The golf course address is 8301 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95832, and Pro Shop phone is 916-808-2020.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


The holiday season is upon us once again.  It is time we all get together to celebrate the winners of the Championships and Player of the Years.

We will be meeting at the Aviator Restaurant and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again. This year we will be treated to another amazing night of great food, raffle prizes, and good company.

Christmas Party:

Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: Aviator's Restaurant

6151 Freeport Blvd

Sacramento, CA

Cost: $20.00. Member, $25.00 Guest

RSVP by November 28, 2014

Mail to: Pat Mar

654 Rivercrest Drive, Sacramento, CA 95831

Call at Pat Mar, 392-1855 with questions.

2015 Board Members have been Elected

The following is a list of returning elected BCGC Board Members, with the exception of the Midweek Tournament Chairperson which is currently vacant:

President: Mark Edgar

Vice President: Jean Chong

Secretary: Jeri Fong

Treasurer: Don Sperling

Mid-Week Tournament Chair: VACANT

Weekend Tournament Chair: David Schutt

Handicap Chair: Barbara Conerly

Newsletter Chair: Mark Edgar

Membership Chair: Pat Mar

Past President: Kevin Schultz

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Bob Thomas for his dedication, hard work and service on the board.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 8 & 15, 2014 Midweek Club Championship

2014 Midweek Champions
Low Gross:  Pat Mar & Keith Felte
Low Net:  Jean Chong & Ron McKenna
Well, we dodged the rain bullet, barely, and finished our 36 Hole Championship Tournament for 2014. It turned out to be a nice day with cool to mild temperatures under overcast to sunny skies. The wind even died down early for 13 men and 5 women vying for our most prestigious event.

The Low Gross Champions were Keith Felte (80-77-157, net 137) for the men and Pat Mar (98-91-189, net 137) for the women. Congratulations to both of you, well played.

The Low Net Champions were Ron McKenna with an astounding 62-64-126; and Jean Chong for the ladies with a nice 67-65-132. Jean’s final round 98 was her best of the year. Very nice golf from both of you. Rounding out the remaining positions for the men were: Leon Taylor’s steady 66-66-132, Don Sperling’s close 67-66-133 and Jim Coombs’ clutch 70-64-134. Second low net for the ladies was Barbara Conerly’s nice 75-69-144. Congratulations to all our winners for 2014. Hope to see you all at this year’s Christmas and awards party.

Closest to the Pin:

Round 1, Dick Carlsen 8’ at #12 and Dave Springer 2.5 inches at #5, with Kuniko Takeuchi taking both the ladies’ prizes, 23’ at #5 and 7’ at #12.

Round 2, it was Dave Springer 15’ at #8, Bob Thomas 7’ at #17, and Barbara Conerly grabbing both ladies prizes with 10’ at #8 and 14’ at #17.

Lastly, in the optional skins games, there were 7 in round 1, in a 11 person pool and 9 in round 2, in a 12 person pool. Totals were as follows: Chong-2, Kinion-1, Mike McKenna-1, Ron McKenna-2, Sperling-2, Springer-2, Taylor-1, Thomas-4, and Waits-1. Thanks you all for playing. Our final tournament of the year, the “turkey shoot" will be a modified stableford format held on November 19th. I hope to see you there,

Bob Thomas
Midweek Tournament Chair

Cell: 916-835-9167

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17, 2014 - Midweek Group's Tournament

Twenty-four members teed it up Wednesday on a pleasant day for golf. The course was in somewhat better shape than one might expect mired as we are in an extended drought.

In the Men's A flight, Haruo Makimoto got back on track and won low net with a sweet 64 (82 gross). This turned out to be the most competitive flight with a back nine tie-breaker giving Leon Taylor 2nd place with 81, net 65 and Kent Flewellyn 3rd with his 82, net 65. Gary Haack took 4th with a 67 (84 gross).

The Men's B flight was won by Tim Waits took low net honors with an 88, net 65. Next was Ron McKenna's net 70, then Will Hart's net 72 and 4th place went to John Hawck with net 73 via a back nine tie-breaker over Glen Kinion.

In the Women's flight, Kuniko Takeuchi earned the low net prize with a nice 68. Pat Mar took 2nd place with net 69, followed by Barbara Conerly's 70 and 4th place belongs to Jean Chong with a net 73.

Closest to the Pin prizes were awarded as follows:

Ladies / Men's A / Men's B

5th Hole: Pat Mar, 5'-3" Sam Kipp, 19'-1" Glen Kinion, 12'-7"

12th Hole: None, Doug Swann, 13'-3" Bob Thomas, 17'-6"

In the optional Net Skins Game, there were 12 in the pool scoring 9 skins: Don Sperling at #5 (1); Tim Waits, #6 (2); Bob Thomas, #7 (2) and #16 (2); Jean Chong, #9(2) and #13 (2) and #17 (net zero!); and Will Hart's net 3 on #15.

Congratulations to all you winners and thanks to all of you for coming out. Our next tournament will be the 36 hole Club Championship to be contested on October 8th and 15th. The fee for this two day Championship is $20 in advance. If you must miss one of the rounds you are welcome to play in the other for practice and fun. More on that later,

Bob Thomas
Tournament Director

Cell phone: 916-835-9167

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014 - Midweek Group's Tournament

On August 20th, 23 members got together at Bartley Cavanaugh for fun and the challenge of golf. The weather had pleasantly warmed, to the mid-80’s, by the time we finished and the winds were mild with only intermittent gusts.

In the Men’s A Flight, Kent Flewellyn showed the way with a nice 81, net 62. Welcome back Kent! Leon Taylor and Jim Coombs battled their way into a second place tie with a pair of nifty 81, net 63’s. And welcome back to Leon also, having spent half the season recovering from back surgery.

In the Men’s B Flight, one of our newest members, Tim Waits, bested long time member John Hawck in a tie-breaker for first place, shooting a smooth 88, net 65 to John’s 94, net 65. In third place, close behind was Mike McKenna with a 90, net 66 that was a pleasure for me to witness. All three were great rounds for these men.

In the Ladies’ Flight, Pat Mar continued her improvement with a 91, net 61 for first place. Joyce Makimoto and Kuniko Takeuchi rounded out the top 3 with net 71 and 72, respectively. Fine shooting by all our winners in the medal play contest.

The Closest to the Pin contest finished as follows:
A Flight: #8, Ray Alldritt, 9’-10", #17, Leon Taylor, 17’-3” (birdie)
B Flight:#8, Bob Thomas, 19’-10” (birdie); #17, Don Sperling, 10’-3” (birdie)
Ladies: #8, Kuniko Takeuchi, 21’-4”; #17, Barbara Conerly, 27’-3”

There were 12 members in the optional net skins game, resulting in 7 skins as follows:
Dave (deuces wild) Springer scored 2 skins with net twos on both #1 and #2. Bob Thomas had a 2 on #7 and a net 1 on #8. Haruo Makimoto had a 2 on #9, Glen Kinion had a 3 on #15 and Don Sperling took a skin with a net zero on #17.

Thanks to all who played and congrats to all you winners. Hope to see you all again at our next tournament on Wednesday, September 17th. And looking ahead, our Club Championship for the Midweek Group will be held on two successive Wednesdays in October, the 8th and the 15th. Please mark your calendars now for these next 3 rounds.

Bob Thomas
Midweek Tournament Chair

Home: 916-376-7990
Cell: 916-835-9167

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014 - Midweek Group's Tournament


Twenty-Two members got together at Bartley Cavanaugh for our July tournament. It was very warm, 90 degrees by the end, but not bad considering Monday had been 106! And a moderate breeze blew most of the day to cool us even more. There were some wet spots in the fairways due to the required heavy watering during the early morning hours, but the greens were fine.

In an effort to provide more chances to win prizes, the format was set to award all flights with 3 places for front 9 and back 9 net scores, plus low total net and gross. Big winners were as follows: For the ladies, Pat Mar won low net front (32, low net back (37), low net total (69) and low gross (94). Very impressive.

For the Men’s A flight, Garry Lowe was the big winner with his best round to date at Cavanaugh: 2nd low net front (33), low net back (29!) and low net total (62). Dave Springer picked up 3rd low net front (33), 2nd low net back (30), and low gross (79) to rack up the next best winnings total. For the Men’s B flight, Ron McKenna showed the way firing a nifty net 32/35 (67) to pick up 1st and 2nd on the front and back 9’s and low net to boot. Glen Kinion’s 33/35 earned 3rd and 1st on the two 9’s, and his 91 was the low gross. The final tally for the stroke play game was 12 of 22 players in the money.

In the closest to the pin competition, Jean Chong was closest on both with 9’0 on #5 and 27’3 at #17. In the Men’s A group, Greg Fletcher got to 5’-5” on #5 and Haruo Makimoto was 20’-1” at #17. Manny Jauregui’s 25’-0” and Tim Waits’ 34’-11” took the prize for Men’s B at #5 and #17.

Lastly, in the optional net skins game, Jean Chong’s one on #5, Tim Waits’ 3 on #4, Bob Thomas’ twos on #10 and #18, Haruo’s 3 on #11, Don Sperling’s one on #12 and 2 on #13 and Dave Springer’s 2 on #14 and one on #17 totaled 9 skins for 13 participants.

All said and done, 16 of the 22 members playing today won something, including two first time winners. Congratulations to you all. Thanks for playing, I hope to see you all at our next event, August 20th starting at 8 AM again.

Bob Thomas
Midweek Tournament Chair

Cell: 916-835-9167

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014 - Midweek Group's Tournament

Thanks to all of you who were able to come out on a pretty nice day for golf. I think we started early enough to beat the PM heat, and there was a slight north breeze that had a cooling effect. So after accounting for the loss of some regulars due to injuries, surgeries, vacations and other conflicts, 21 members showed up and seemed to have a good time.

In the Men’s A flight, longtime member, Kent Flewellyn started to find his game after a long hiatus firing a nice 88 for net 67 and first place. By virtue of a back-nine tie-breaker, Haruo Makimoto came in second with an 85/67. Third place went to Jim Coombs’ 87, net 68. Out of the money, but picking up P.O.Y. points, were Greg Fletcher (78/69) and Bryan Springer (82/70). First place honors in the Men’s B flight went to Mike McKenna who shot a really sharp 90, net 65, followed closely by Will (new driver) Hart’s 89/66, and Glen Kinion’s 91/67. Tim Waits’ net 68 and Ron McKenna’s net 71 picked up the last P.O.Y. points.

For the Ladies’ flight, Kuniko Takeuchi came in first with a nice net 70, followed by Jeri Fong’s net 74, Marie Hart’s net 76 and Linda Wark came in fourth to pick up the final P.O.Y. points. Good shooting, all of you.

In the closest to pin competition, at the 8th hole, for the A, B and Ladies’s flight, respectively, Gary Haack, 19’-9”; Bob Thomas, 8’-4”; and Kuniko Takeuchi’s 11’-11” were winners. Similarly, for hole #17, Jim Coombs, 3’-2”; Don Sperling, 10’-4”; and Kuniko Takeuchi’s 9’-0” were the winners.

And in the optional net skins game, there were 11 participants scoring only 6 skins as follows: Bob Thomas’ 1 at #8 and 2 at #15, Dave Springer’s 3 at #9, Mike McKenna’s 2 at #16, Don Sperling’s 1 at #17 and Myron Dahl’s natural birdie, net 2 at #18. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who played.

Hope to see everyone back for our next event on July 16th at 8:00 AM.

Bob Thomas
Midweek Tournament Chair

Cell: 916-835-9167