Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club is a Men’s & Women’s Membership Golf Club. Our home golf course is Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course located adjacent to the Sacramento River along Highway 160. Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course was established in July of 1995. The course is owned by the City of Sacramento and is operated by Morton Golf. The links flavored golf course was designed by Golf Course Architect Perry Dye. The par 71 course measures 6158 yards, with a slope of 122 and is rated at 68.9 from the Gold Tees. The course is rich with lakes, wildlife, rolling mounds and outstanding greens. The golf course address is 8301 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95832, and Pro Shop phone is 916-808-2020.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feb 19, 2014 - Midweek Group - Member/Guest Best of Two Balls

LOOK, that guy just drove the 13th green!!!
Thanks to all players and guests for an enjoyable opener to the 2014 season. There were 28 of us in all including 9 women, an all time high. The list also included 7 guests, also high for this club, many of whom expressed an interest in joining our club. This was a two person, best ball tournament, split into two flights.
In the A flight, the team of Eric Edgar and guest, Ken Sawitzky, bested Jim Coombs and Keith Felte for first place using a back-nine tie-breaker after both teams, playing in the same foursome, came in at 13 under, 58.  In one of the highlights, Eric Edgar drove the 13th green, making him only the second to do so in one of our tournaments, to my knowledge! Only two strokes back, the team of Haruo Makimoto and his guest, Lance Clark, came in third on the strength of Haruo’s fine 79, net 65, low net among the men. Keith Felte, Eric Edgar and Greg Fletcher each shot 76, tying for the low gross score.
In the B flight, a back-nine tie-breaker was also necessary with the team of Jean Chong and Pat Mar defeating Glen Kinion and Mike McKenna, both teams scoring 10 under 61’s. Coming in 3rd place, was the team of Barbara Conerly and Marie Hart, with Barbara’s net 64 low among all players. Well done all of you.
Dick Carlsen was closest to the pin at both #8 and #17 for the men and Barbara Conerly and Shirley Johnson were closest of the women.
13 players participated in the optional skins game with 5 of those scoring 6 skins as follows: Bryan Springer, net 2 on #2; Haruo Makimoto, net 1’s on #5 and #12; guest, James Kimker, net 2 on#7; Mike McKenna, net 4 on #11; and Eric Edgar, net 2 on #16.
The weather and course conditions were very nice and it seems that a good time was had by all. Thanks to all players and guests for coming out.
Our next Midweek tournament will be held on March 19th, first tee at 8:57 AM for individual medal play. See you there I hope.
Bob Thomas
Tournament Chair

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feb 15, 2014 - Weekend Group - 2 Person Best Ball / NCGA Zone Qualifier

The Weekend Bad Boys!!!
The 2014 Weekend Group started off the season all charged up, after being delayed a week due to rain.  The tournament day's weather provided for a nice day and the course played just a little wet from the previous days of rain but the overall course was in great shape.  Overall, it was tough to beat for a day in February. 

Dick Jones teamed with Richard Sanchez, came out swinging with a front nine (26) to help set them up to shoot a overall net 57 taking 1st place both in the BCGC Tournament and the NCGA Zone.

We had 3 teams tied for 2nd place with scores of 61. So we went to the tie breaker, which is the lowest back 9 score.  The team of Dante Drake and Kevin Granderson broke the tie with the lowest back score of 29.
Third place went to Bob Ruff and Shawn Breakey (2nd for the NCGA Zone) with a back nice score of 31.  And four place went to Bob Thomas and Glen Kinion with a back nine score of 32.
5th - Doug Swann & Mike Tardio (62)
6th - Keith Felte & Lonnie Podgorny (63)
7th - Greg Leuterio & Dave Schutt (65)
8th - Tim Ramirez & David Leuterio (66)
9th - Mark Edgar & Bob Benefiel (66)
10th - Eric Edgar & Mark Edgar (68)
11th - Bryan Springer & Dave Springer (69)
Note:  The entire field was net under par.
Closest to the pin:

  • Hole #5 -  Bob Benefiel (3'-9")
  • Hole #12 - Dick Jones (7'-3")
Look forward to seeing everyone next month on March 8, 2014 for another Weekend 2 Person better Ball Tournament and NCGA 2 - Person Best Ball Qualifier. 

See ya at the course,

Dave Schutt
Weekend Tournament Chair


Monday, February 3, 2014 domain name has arrived

Exciting times for the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club's Website. The Board of Directors hava approved the funding to stake claim for a personalized Website domain. The new link is: This new link will make it much easier for everyone to find us on the web. for the help and assistance with acquiring the new domain address.

I would like to thank Daneé Brady / / (916) 214-2139 for the help and assistance with acquiring the new domain address.  Check out her designs at the Cowboy Bling link above, she is amazing.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

"JUST SO YOU KNOW" by Barbara Conerly, BCGC Handicap Director

Barbara Conerly
BCGC Handicap Director

Frequent Questions and Answers
Regarding “R” Index from NCGA
What does an “R” next to an index indicate? And what exactly does it mean for regular and tournament play? 

The “R” means Reduced and it is treated like any other handicap, meaning it is intended for regular and tournament play.

What triggers an “R” next to your index?  Does it matter how long between “T” scores, if one was this year, and one the next, could that still trigger the “R”?

The goal of the Handicap System is to issue a Handicap Index which best describes a golfer’s “potential” ability.  “Potential”, for these purposes, is measured by a review of the golfer’s 20 most recent rounds AND by a review of their two best Tournament scores of the past twelve months.  Basically the System examines the size of the “gap” between the best 10 of 20 numbers and the average of the two T-scores.  If the System feels the gap is too wide, an automatic reduction to the best 10 of 20 number kicks in.  This is how every handicap in the entire country is computed.  The T-scores themselves can be almost a year apart, but bear in mind that such rounds will not overlap for long.  For example, if one of the rounds was recorded late last July (and the golfer posts more than 20 rounds per year), it will no longer be a factor when the August 1st handicaps are issued. 

What does “reduced” actually mean?  How is the handicap reduced?  Based on what?  Is this process/procedure spelled out somewhere? 

It means that the best 10 of 20 “number” has been reduced.  In other words, the Handicap Index has been placed somewhere between the best 10 of 20 number and the average of the two low T-scores.  The size of the reduction varies depending on the size of the “gap” referenced above, while weighing the total number of tournament scores credited to a golfer within the past year.  Follow this link and advance to Section 10-3 for the math. 

Barbara Conerly
BCGC Handicap Director

From the desk of Dylan Flynn, Director of Golf

Dylan Flynn
Director of Golf
Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course 

Welcome back to another fabulous year at Bartley Cavanaugh. Free rounds for membership in 2013 should be arriving in the mail in the next couple of weeks, as always we appreciate you membership and participation in the club. We will be extending another free round of golf for new and renewed memberships in the club this year. Just a small way of saying thank you.
We have down an entire system wide upgrade to our point of sale computer system as well as our tee sheet. Please bear with us all as we continue to learn the intricacies of the system. The system is the start of the Customer Relations Management(CRM) philosophy Morton Golf is moving to. We want to learn about our customers intimately so we can serve you better in the future. It is also the start of a deeper loyalty program aspect to our customer that we will be developing over the first year of using this new system. We are excited about the future.
Be on the lookout for a couple of events in the café this year. Victoria Magana, our chef and food and beverage manager has created a small prix fix menu for Valentine’s Day and at $45.00 plus tax for a three course meal is a steal of a deal. We are taking reservations so call the café at 808-2750 and make a reservation today. I am sending the menu to Mark Edgar so he can post it on the website. Also, We are going to begin serving dinner on Friday Nights. Be on the lookout for some vouchers for the club members as I would like some of you to come down and give it a try and give us a critique. We are looking to kick off a soft open around mid-April and open the doors fully around the beginning of May. As always your great support is appreciated.
Be on the lookout for construction. The potable water project has been approved and we are in the final stages. All permits have been issued and now it is created the contract and having to choose the contractor. Once the project has been started and we begin to get closer we will start addressing the on course bathrooms and some of the bathroom fixtures in the clubhouse as well. This has been a long process and it is exciting to see if come to fruition. Secondly we are looking into our #12 tee box, we know it is in need of repair. We have it on our radar screen and are going to do all we can to tackle that this year, however it may be end of year or beginning of 2015 before we can get to it.
Lastly, The weather has been incredibly forgiving so far this year which has led to some concerns about water and drought. I can assure you Bartley Cavanaugh will be cognizant of its watering practices to ensure we are a good partner in the community. We do not believe this will immediately affect our conditions at the course, however if this pattern continues for any real lengthy time period we could see some measures taken during the summer that may affect some areas of the golf course. Morton Golf currently has a meeting scheduled to develop our plan on how to address concerns from our superintendents as well as our community.
Thank you for your continued support of the facility.
Dylan Flynn
Director of Golf

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014 - Second Annual Ice Breaker

Second Annual
Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club + Land Park Ladies Golf Club

On January 18, 2014, the 20 Land Park Ladies Golf Club teamed with 40 Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Club members to play in the Second Annual Ice Breaker. The format is Devil Ball with a 3 Person Scramble. The golf course was in amazing shape and once the frost melted away, the weather left us an incredible day to play some golf. Who would ever think short pants in January?
For the second year in a row, every team competed like this was the Ryder Cup, there was hooping and cheering all over the course.  I think all the contestants would agree this is one of the most fun tournaments ever played and most nerve racking tournaments ever played!
Each team was made up of two members from each club, and 10 teams competed in two tournaments in one, the Devil Ball and the 3 Person Scramble. The penalty for losing the Devil Ball is a $2 donation.  Edwin Dong was the most generous in this group, losing all three Devil Balls.  Also, a special thanks to Edwin for sponsoring the 8th hole CTP awards.

First Place - 71
Mark Edgar, Bob Benefiel, Cecilia & Eiko Bohringer
Second Place - 74
Chuck Richardson, Edwin Dong, Di Richardson & Paula Tapia
Third Place - 75
Eric Edgar, Rick Pratt, Janet Georgie & Robin Richman

First Place - 63
Steve Ferguson, Richard Sanchez, Joanne Guidera & Brian Rugne
Second Place - 68
Wayne Urbani, Goerge Yanez, Deb Murata & Denise Fong
Third Place - 69
Greg Leuterio, Dave Schutt, Pam Laudi & Racquel Smith
See you ladies next year, and thanks for the great day together.....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Christmas Party and Award Presentations

2013 BCGC Board of Directors
Will, Bob, Bob, Santa, Jeri, Barbara, Marie, Pat and Don

Pat Mar, Marie Hart and Will Hart have put on another amazing Christmas Party for our membership on December 4, 2013.  The food was delicious and the conversation was delightful.  We even had a special guest appearance by Old Saint Nick.

Marie says: "Over here Will, I see someone who wants more raffle tickets."
Bob Benefiel and Bob Thomas provided a recap of the tournament season and presented the Championship Awards:
Jim Coombs and Dave Springer
Midweek Club Champions

Marie Hart and Barbara Conerly
Midweek Club Champions

Bob Benefiel and David Leuterio
Weekend Club Champions

The "Winning" Leuterio Family
David: Club Champion, Greg:  Match Play Champion & Player of the Year - Weekend

President, Mark Edgar provided a overview of the club and the following are some of his highlights:

As president, his Top 5 indicators of a healthy club are:

Board of Directors: Is the Board of Directors stable?  Yes, it is stable.  Many board members have held positions since the beginning of the club.  And he encourged anyone wanting to join the next board to step up and let the current board know.

Membership:  Is the membership going up or down?  Our membership is up 16% from 82 in previous years to 95 in 2013.  (27 New & 68 Returning)

Tournament Participation:  Is tournament participation trending up or down?  Both the Midweek Group and Weekend Group tournament participation is up from previous years.  From a membership perspective, he notes players are enjoying each others company after the matches are over and strong attendance at the annual Christmas Parties, both are signs of a healthy club.

Finances / Budget: Are we finacially strong?  Yes, we are forecasting to land the budget where we started the year, right around $1,000. This has been our goal for the last 5 years and we have been successful in doing so.

Membership Participation:  Are members having fun and enjoying their time spent at the club?Yes, from a membership perspective, he notes players are enjoying each others company after the matches are over.   As a matter of fact, many members continue to have pick up games outside of scheduled tournament dates.  Plus we have a strong attendance at the annual Christmas Parties, all are signs of a healthy club and members are having fun. 

Mark then talked a golf:

Freeport Cup:  In June, BCGC won it's 5th Freeport Cup Title, now tied with Grips Fast (5), followed by Land Park & Bing Maloney (1 each)

Bing Maloney:  Bing has expressed interest in combining some weekend tournaments with BCGC to increase tournament participation during 2014.

Land Park Ladies:  During 2013, we joined the ladies for a Ice Breaker Tournament last January and plans are in the works for another ion January 18, 2014.

Kathy Leuterio was kind enough to take more than 150 pictures from the event. You can follow this link to see pictures that night: Thank you Kathy.

Happy Holidays Days and Cheers to All!